24k Gold Items $102.22 Per Gram 22k Gold Items $93.71 Per Gram 20k Gold Items $85.19 Per Gram 18k Gold Items $76.67 Per Gram 14k Gold Items $59.63 Per Gram 9k Gold Items $38.33 Per Gram 8k Gold Items $34.07 Per Gram 999 Silver Items $1.42 Per Gram 950 Silver Items $1.04 Per Gram 925 Silver Items $1.01 Per Gram

Here are just a few of the heartfelt messages we’ve received from our cherished customers in Newcastle at our pop-up store. Your kind words and feedback mean the world to us. We value your trust and appreciation of our services. Please continue to share your feedback with us; it helps us grow and serve you even better.

Customer Reviews

Selling gold can be intimidating, but my visit to Newcastle Gold Buyers was a pleasant surprise. Lia's assistance was not only professional but also personal, making me feel valued. Adrian's expertise shone through as he helped me get the best deal. A memorable experience.

- Olivia P. - Hamilton, NSW

Adrian and Lia at Newcastle Gold Buyers truly set the gold standard for service. Adrian's expert guidance and Lia's welcoming personality transformed what could have been a daunting experience into a smooth and enjoyable process. Thanks to them, selling my gold was a breeze.

- Emma W. - Newcastle, NSW

Newcastle Gold Buyers exceeded my expectations. Lia's friendly and knowledgeable service and Adrian's expertise in assessing gold's value made my transaction effortless and rewarding. I couldn't be happier with their customer-centric approach.

- Jack C. - Merewether, NSW

Newcastle Gold Buyers stands out for their outstanding service. Adrian provided me with invaluable insights into the value of my gold, and Lia's warm and genuine approach made the process enjoyable. It's a place where expertise and hospitality converge.

- Michael H. - Newcastle, NSW

My experience at Newcastle Gold Buyers was truly exceptional. Adrian and Lia were a dynamic duo. Adrian's wealth of knowledge about gold was matched only by Lia's friendly and efficient service. The perfect team to help you navigate the world of precious metals.

- Sophie B. - The Junction, NSW

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