24k Gold Items $104.20 Per Gram 22k Gold Items $95.52 Per Gram 20k Gold Items $86.84 Per Gram 18k Gold Items $78.15 Per Gram 14k Gold Items $60.79 Per Gram 9k Gold Items $39.08 Per Gram 8k Gold Items $34.73 Per Gram 999 Silver Items $1.36 Per Gram 950 Silver Items $1.00 Per Gram 925 Silver Items $0.97 Per Gram

Instant Cash Loans at 5% Fixed Rate

We’re not just your local gold buyer; we’re your trusted partner for all your gold-related needs. We proudly offer the highest payouts for your gold items, ensuring you receive the best value. But that’s not all. We’re excited to introduce our unbeatable fixed interest rates at 5% for our gold cash loans, one of the most competitive loan rates available. Take advantage of our secured loans, without the hassle of credit checks. Contact us at 1300 703 988 today to explore our instant loans, conveniently processed via bank transfer. Discover how our loan services can work for you and get started with Newcastle Gold Buyers. Sell your items, get paid, and get back to what matters!

Our loan rates

Loan Amt. 1 Month 2 Month 3 Month
$100 10%
$500 10%
$1,000 10%
$5,000 5%
$10,000 5%
$50,000 + 5%

No Credit Checks

Our loans are collateral based, meaning we lend you money based of your items value. No credit history checks, no payslips, just instant payouts.

Why Us?

Aside from being paid the highest prices for your items, all items are stored in our state of the art storage facilities meaning you have peace of mind when leaving your valuable items with us. We are conveniently located and are open 6 days a week for your convince.

What we loan against?

We loan against anything precious metal – Gold, Silver or Platinum in any form. Bullion, High end watches. We specialise in all items of value, so if you don’t see your item in the list above give us a call to see if we can help you out.

Visit Us Anytime

We’re here for you five days a week, with business hours designed for your convenience, day and night. Whenever you’re ready, our in-store experts are prepared to help you secure your cash loan. If it’s more convenient, we can even make arrangements to visit you.

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