24k Gold Items $102.29 Per Gram 22k Gold Items $93.77 Per Gram 20k Gold Items $85.24 Per Gram 18k Gold Items $76.72 Per Gram 14k Gold Items $59.67 Per Gram 9k Gold Items $38.36 Per Gram 8k Gold Items $34.10 Per Gram 999 Silver Items $1.42 Per Gram 950 Silver Items $1.04 Per Gram 925 Silver Items $1.02 Per Gram

We are Newcastle Gold Buyers – your trusted gold buyer and broker in the heart of Newcastle, a city known for its stunning coastline, vibrant arts scene, and rich coal-mining heritage. As a 100% Australian-owned and operated establishment, we’re proud to be a part of the fabric of this remarkable city. Nestled not far from Crown Street light rail station, our store at 7/269 Hunter St, Newcastle, is as convenient as the iconic Newcastle Beach is for locals.

The Best Place to Sell your Gold

Newcastle Gold Buyers is your go-to destination for all things gold and silver in this beautiful coastal city. We understand the significance of local landmarks and the stories they hold, just as we appreciate the unique charm of your gold and silver possessions. Whether it’s jewellery that has seen the waves of Newcastle Beach or coins that tell tales of the city’s history, we are here to provide you with the best prices for your precious items.

Your Local Gold Buyer

Our commitment to serving the local community is unwavering. We’re not just part of the Brisbane Gold Brokers network; we’re your neighbours in Newcastle, providing you with a personal and friendly gold-selling experience. We’re just a phone call away at 1300 887 902, ready to assist you in unlocking the value of your unwanted gold. With easy access to our store and convenient parking nearby, Newcastle Gold Buyers is your local choice to turn your gold into cash while celebrating the beauty and history of this seaside city.