24k Gold Items $102.17 Per Gram 22k Gold Items $93.66 Per Gram 20k Gold Items $85.15 Per Gram 18k Gold Items $76.63 Per Gram 14k Gold Items $59.60 Per Gram 9k Gold Items $38.32 Per Gram 8k Gold Items $34.06 Per Gram 999 Silver Items $1.42 Per Gram 950 Silver Items $1.04 Per Gram 925 Silver Items $1.02 Per Gram

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Got unwanted precious metal items you want to sell or need a quick and easy cash loan? Bring in your items for a fast appraisal and instant payout. We can evaluate any item and provide you the best payout or loan (with the best interest rates) in Newcastle! Forget about the others - Get the best payout today from Australia's top gold broker!

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