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Discover the realm of precious metals at Newcastle Gold Buyers, the go-to destination for best priced silver bullion and coins in Newcastle. With pride, we extend to our customers the assurance of LBMA certified bullion products at competitive rates, available in-store. Every day, investors and Self Managed Super Fund enthusiasts are invited to explore our extensive selection. To make a purchase, simply visit our store between 9:30 AM and 4:30 PM, Monday to Friday, or connect with us by phone. Our silver prices are dynamically linked with the current world silver trading rates, guaranteeing transparency and value with each transaction. Whether you opt for the personalised experience of an in-store visit or prefer to reach out via phone, Newcastle Gold Buyers is committed to meeting all your silver bullion and coin needs.

Call 1300 703 988 for more information or to purchase. As a gold broker, we resell in-store purchases, making it difficult for competitors to match our prices. Please note that our stock and brands may vary, but the listed prices are set at the time of purchase.
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